Leah Davenport

Leah, a licensed agent, serves as the Chief Operating Officer while managing the Discover Arlington Social Media accounts. Inspired by the idea of “never settle”, Leah has had a love of adventure in her since age two. A Northeastern girl at heart, Leah grew up in small town Mayfield, Pennsylvania. Knowing that she wanted something more, Leah decided to attend Penn State University to get the big school experience she always dreamed of. 

Leah gets her drive and spirit from her hard-working parents, who taught her to find her passion and be the best she could be. She is on a mission to share her motivation with other young entrepreneurs and make a difference in people’s lives. Leah finds great satisfaction in connecting with new people and helping others while achieving creativity in a challenging situation.


Leah is passionate about all things red, cooking new recipes, drinking a glass of Cabernet, trying an cozy café in Arlington, traveling somewhere new for a weekend getaway, reading through the latest season’s wedding magazines and finding the best donut spots on every adventure she takes.