🚨🏠 Limited Inventory Driving the Real Estate Market!

In this month’s housing market update, Blake Davenport reveals that July has been one of the strongest months we've seen in the last 5 years. 🤯

Here's the deal: Compared to last year, 25% fewer homes have been sold, indicating a serious shortage of houses for sale.

Buyers - Don't wait for interest rates to drop before making a move. Imagine this: Once rates dip to the mid-5s, there will be a flood of buyers rushing in, driving prices even higher. Our advice? Find a house with a comfortable monthly payment and consider refinancing later when rates do decrease. That way, you'll gain instant equity when prices surge due to increased demand.

Sellers - Prices will continue to rise due to limited inventory. It's crucial to plan your marketing and presentation carefully to make a lasting impression.

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