Nestled in the heart of The Village at Shirlington in Arlington, Virginia, Carlyle has been a culinary landmark for over 40 years. If you're on the hunt for a dining experience that captures the spirit of Arlington's vibrant food scene, Carlyle is your go-to destination.


Carlyle: A Culinary Gem in Arlington, VA

As soon as you step into Carlyle in The Village at Shirlington, you're greeted by an atmosphere that perfectly blends high-energy ambiance with a classic art deco flair. This spacious establishment offers a ground-level bar and a more secluded upstairs dining area, capturing the diverse and lively atmosphere that defines Arlington's dining culture.‌


Innovative Flavors at an American Bistro

Carlyle's enduring reputation in Arlington, VA isn't just about its long-standing presence. The restaurant is celebrated for its innovative, award-winning dishes that elevate classic American bistro fare. From delectable appetizers like blue crab shrimp fritters to scrumptious entrees like filet mignon and some of the best crab cakes in Arlington, Carlyle promises a dining experience like no other.


Brunch Favorites

The restaurant's brunch offerings are the talk of Arlington. With mouthwatering specials such as buttery beignets and heavenly brioche French toast, it's easy to see why Carlyle has become a brunch favorite.


Accommodating Every Guest

Acknowledging the diverse dining needs of its clientele, Carlyle offers a dedicated kid's menu and a separate gluten-sensitive menu, ensuring that everyone's dietary requirements are met.


More than a Meal – An Arlington Tradition

Carlyle isn't just another restaurant in Arlington; it's a place where the community comes together to celebrate, to make memories, and to explore the boundaries of culinary delight.


In Arlington, Virginia's ever-evolving food scene, Carlyle stands as a true testament to quality dining. If you're in Arlington, VA, and are looking to engage in a gastronomic adventure that showcases the very best the area has to offer, make your reservation at Carlyle today.


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