Discover Arlington is thrilled to bring you fresh news from the heart of Ballston. Replacing the former Philz Coffee in the bustling Ballston Exchange office complex is the vibrant and wholesome Greenheart Juice Shop. Located at 4121 Wilson Blvd, this freshly minted gem is now serving Ballston with its unique concoctions.


Why Greenheart Stands Out

Deeply rooted in quality, freshness, and flavor, Greenheart Juice Shop is more than just your typical juice bar. The shop believes in making juice that tastes incredible while also being nutritious. By using high-quality produce that’s rich in flavor, each juice is transformed into a delightful experience packed in an elegant glass bottle.

Greenheart’s commitment is unwavering, be it through their labor-intensive cold-pressed method or the meticulous selection and combination of ingredients. Every drop you taste resonates with their dedication to offer the most nutrient-rich drink possible.


A Heartwarming Journey

Behind Greenheart is an inspiring tale of love, loss, and transformation. Alicia, the founder, embarked on this journey to honor a deep commitment. Her connection with Doug Green, marked by the emblematic green heart, laid the foundation of this venture. Driven by a passion for holistic well-being and inspired by Doug's memory, Alicia aimed to make a difference in people's lives through Greenheart.


Ballston’s Thriving Landscape

Ballston, envisioned three decades ago as central Arlington's “new downtown,” has always been a vibrant neighborhood buzzing with activity. Its strategic location at the tail end of the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor and the presence of renowned scientific research agencies have positioned it as an influential hub.

Moreover, with the Ballston-Marymount University Metro station at its heart, Ballston seamlessly blends commercial hustle with serene residential pockets. And now, with the addition of Greenheart Juice Shop, this community has yet another feather in its cap.


Coming from a Strong Legacy

It's noteworthy to mention that Greenheart Juice Shop, now under the umbrella of Arlington's reputed Wooden Nickel Bar Co., brings with it the legacy of its other successful outlets in Vienna, Leesburg, and Aldie. Reese Gardner, the visionary behind Wooden Nickel, has hinted at even more locations in Arlington, heightening the anticipation.


In Conclusion

As Ballston continues to evolve, Greenheart Juice Shop stands as a testament to the neighborhood's dynamic spirit. Whether you're on the hunt for a refreshing drink post-workout or a flavorful boost to kick-start your day, Greenheart awaits with open arms and fresh produce. Drop by and indulge in a refreshing experience that's both heartwarming and healthy.


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